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2017, Cardiff** {{> ?maxwidth=600}}\\ ====0. Abstract=... Cells (MFCs)==== {{> ?maxwidth=600}}\\ ===1.1 Material ... a Ltd, via Ebay) {{> ?maxwidth=400}}\\ * Graphite ro... (scholar stuff) {{> ?maxwidth=400}}\\ * Wool (old b
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over the summer. {{> ?maxwidth=400}}\\ ====Paul, July 3... d documentation. {{> ?maxwidth=400}}\\ ====Michka, Sept... for the V&A MFCs. {{> ?maxwidth=400}}\\ {{> ?maxwidth=400}}\\ * The cla
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rrotes, zucchinis) covered with compost tea (from FoAM's vermicompost production), and inoculated with a