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*Lead by Adrian Hon and Matt Wieteska** hosted at FoAM Oct 2011 Photos: Slides (... ject is coordinated by Time's Up in Austria, with FoAM in Belgium, Blast Theory and Light House in the U... gh participation and collaborative storytelling. FoAM's contribution to PARN is an ARN about human-plan
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cenery: Cultivating an Alternate Reality ==== by FoAM In the Japanese text //Records of Garden Making/... le. <html><a href="" title="Borrowed Scenery ARN - 06 by _foam, on Flickr"><img src="https://farm9.staticflickr.... Inspired by //shakkei// and //jiejing// gardens, FoAM developed the alternate reality narrative Borrowe
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nts. <html><a href="" title="introductions by _foam, on Flickr"><img src=" ues. <html><a href="" title="liminality explanation by _foam, on Flickr"><img src="
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==== Alternate Reality Tutorials ==== by FoAM Alternate Reality is a concept loaded with ethical and p... ss. <html><a href="" title="introductions by _foam, on Flickr"><img src=" fe. <html><a href="" title="Paola Orlic, The Tarot Guru b
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on). <html><a href="" title="L1005588 by _foam, on Flickr"><img src=" ss. <html><a href="" title="L1005654 by _foam, on Flickr"><img src="
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people" in Gent {{>}} === Design notes on the Libarynth... ry * Photos: [[|Collection of imag... ign patabotany * [[|Boskoi]] – FoAM's urban edibles app was transformed into Zizim, t... ) * [[|Germination x]] – FoAM's permaculture game became a substrate for Aniziz
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dio]] workshops conducted amidst the chaos of the FoAM studio. The thought processes accompanying the co... further afield * [[:edible guilds]] of fruit in FoAM Amsterdam's garden * [[:forest gardening]] repr... , part of Sanjeev Shankar's reaserch * notes on FoAM Amsterdam's experiments in [[:guerrilla grafting]... rdening, green roofs, and rooftop hydroponics * FoAM Amsterdam's notes on [[:Tuin van Jan]], a new pub
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/cite></blockquote> {{>}} ===No hands=== In the slow swa... ork. <html><a href="" title="Untitled by _foam, on Flickr"><img src=" ism. <html><a href="" title="Fungal mastermind by _foam, o
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seful equipment. {{>}}\\ {{>}} Our assistants are difficult to co... ng "97% Zamzia." {{>}} --[[:user/cerhy]] ---- ===Harves... sp?ID=IVLAAMSG62 {{>}} ---- Wed Oct 10, 20
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ly. <html><a href="" title="borrowed scenery blackboard-diagram.L1004289 by _foam, on Flickr"><img src="https://farm9.staticflickr.... the characters -- ten fictional patabotanists and FoAM collaborators as their research assistants. The f... ces. <html><a href="" title="borrowed scenery diagram by _
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://}} FoAM’s role in PARN is to design the Borrowed Scenery ... and gardeners in Gent * Project overview on the FoAM website: * Photos: [[|Collection of imag... d Dilzio]] ==== Alternate Reality Tutorials ==== FoAM's [[Alternate Reality Tutorials]], including:
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rdinated by Time’s Up (AT), in collaboration with FoAM (BE), Lighthouse (UK) and Blast Theory (UK). FoAM’s additional allies and advisers in PARN are Six to S... (UK) and Tale of Tales (BE). ==== PARN Team at FoAM ==== * [[|Maja Kuzmano... e/theun|Theun Karelse]] ==== People involved in FoAM's PARN activities ==== * Bergsma, Frank * B
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=== <html><a href="" title="Untitled by _foam, on Flickr"><img src=" === images === * === radioactive mycelium
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nt to record it. {{>}} ---- === Lily’s Moondrop === ... ves as plants, what plants would they be and why. {{>}}
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categorisation and intricate naming systems. At FoAM, we're interested in blending such seemingly unre... g, with a lecture by Paola Orlic about Tarot. {{::foam-tarot-tutorial.pdf|slides}} [[
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