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e Bazaar ==== | {{>}} | {{>}} | **Bazaaris, Illusionists, Animators ... ng active textiles and other works by * FoAM, opening the doors of the travelling [[library]] ... ven facilities | {{>}} | {{>
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0_dc366e919e_b.jpg?240x180}} On behalf of all of FoAM, I'd like to welcome you to the Luminous Green Sy... s, we invite you to come and join us again in the FoAM studio for Open Lab on Saturday, the 5th of May a... r context of today's activities. We (by we I mean FoAM) organised Luminous Green to allow us to reflect ... Association of Communication Agencies, to present FoAM's work with mixed reality technologies at their a
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====== FoAM's Travelling Library ====== //Books and magazines available at the Luminous Green Symposium
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n 2007// During the Active Materials workshop at FoAM two years ago, the realisation surfaced of just h
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