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highly unstructured notes, from meeting between foam + (ToT) on 28-V-2008

vegetable/vegetal mind

- making sure that people do not think they are a gardener but they are the plant. - what of the roots… above you may be far away but below ground roots can touch. how deep do they go and what does it mean. communication? - expression through reproduciton - breeding through insects. – hemaphrodite ferns. “haremification”

- synthetic nature. mixtures of ornaments and realistic plant nature. – algorithmic plants. – representing synthetic mathematical + human made ornamental MODERNIST INVASION!!! — landscaped garden vs. wildflowers.

-the desire for not knowing where its going to lead. –players designing potential plants? -michael's against it an thinks it should happen through hybrids.

– find a middle gorund between TEF and SecondLife. where people can contribute into the system.

- plant time/human time

- a common sturcture on MMoG – resource managment – need of fertilization through bees and butterflies (eggs turn in to larvae which eat the leaves) but you can fly with them

caterpillars can eat away things that are useless or are eating too much bandwidth. – alowing non-gardeners to view the garden. - the issue of work.

- augmented gardens. - interface between real and virtual gardens. - PLANTS AND HUMANS PLAY THE GAME TOGETHER! allow sensor kit so people can let their plants play along too! — (there is some plant hooked up to twitter which notifies the stream when it needs water.) – what other organisms can plants play (are the plants NPCs?)

the definition of GUILD – nitrogen! - work together to find a perfect dynamic balance. -“ecotopes” –encouraging diversity. -as you reproduce you can move between all your decendents. shifting your point of view.

are the gardeners the designers? accept the fate of nature! plants which start real but become more and more mythological “the history of plants”

CHEMICALS - the place of pheremones + hormones. - a system where in time you get certain colors of flowers. - time based resource availability. reflecting the seasons in gameplay through periodic availability. it s own time. artificial seasons. the important bit is that its recognizable. recognizibly spring, save up for spring.

-TREES, muliple players necessary to play a tree character. working together to make a nice symmetrical tree. massive trees created through many people playing together! EPIPHYTES -plants that grow on trees (misteltoe :)) — donation of computational resources.

WEATHER PATTERNS -global differences tropics at the edges, for example.

learn the way that mushrooms spread. “the fruiting body” “a big juicy pear falling on the ground”

Belgian Brotherhood of Gardeners ← find out about this. field trip! to Flora…. she makes a garden of edible wild plants.

3 chemicals → plant biology page á lyberinth photosynthesis. need to learn more about how plants work. how hybrids are made. check category gardens on the lyberinth. plant morphology. invite a botanist. David Attenborough “the private life of plants” european gardens, indian gardens. ethno botany pata-botany plant based ornament research –> louvre? emphasis on the vegetable mind.

* possible interfaces maybe yu can plant with your cell phone or must send and email to the plant every day. -tamogotchi. what is this sentience that reports the weather? an oracle. the vegetable mind of the whole place. — what kind of tree was that in indiana that turns its leaves upside down when its about to rain? –THE ARG can people go visit a plant that is playing as part of the game? -a story which connects the online game and other events -a LARP :D (larp vs. arg → these are antagonistic to each other. why?) part of the ARG situated within the garden.

ECONOMY- Encourage voluntary payment. find someone rich to be sponsor of the garden. -sell sensor kits and seeds - all software open source but maybe you can subscribe to a service. phone the garden to hear the weather. - a picture or moo cards of the plant that you made. flipbooks!!

- the sustainability of the garden we are making. open source and easy migration of servers.

“intergarden communication protocol” - IGCP (^_^) servers as roots?? each client can be a incubator. seeds blow into your cellphone. your local computer can catch seeds that grow in offline mode. viral spreading—but not viral

AS A PLANT HOW DO YOU EXPERIENCE BEING IN THIS WORLD? the 3d representation. -various ways of viewing the data. you MUST be in the vegetal mind in order to play, ALWAYS- stylized representation of plant visualization.

visual display of hormone levels - things are clearer depending on which way the wind blows.


playing a plant you only see a small part of the garden. through growing and reproducing you see more of the garden space.

-maja is excited for the growing gothic ornaments.

WHAT HAPPENS AT NIGHT? plants behave differently at night. consciousness is only in the roots irridescene dawn and dusk societies can emerge –> watch “Microcosmos”

-deadline of sorts –december 2009.

7-11 july is another groworld design week,.

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