The Magician, The Magus, or The Juggler



  • magician, illusionist,
  • VS → studious
  • esoteric decks → wise, powerful, wizard (c.f. RW) pentacle,cup,wand,sword
  • Marsaille → colourful costume, various colours, combination of diversity, entertainer, dice, coins, cups, large hat (RW → ∞ )
  • skillful, entertaining, secret knowledge (esoteric), illusion, posed/making-impression
  • infinity
  • creativity
  • skill
  • showman

plant connections

  • dandelion > seed-head as wand, make-a-wish
  • mint > mental sphere, opening mind but not intoxicating


  • metallic blue
  • dark grey
  • faded yellow
  • sparks


  • immense power of will (to the point that he can will a world into being), trickster and illusionist, craftsman


The magician is a herbaceous plant with multiple stalks, small leaves that are blue-gray on the top and green on the bottom. The mature leaves are shaped as the magicians many guises: an illusionist, an artisan, a wizard. Each of them projects images into the environment around them, creating translucent mirages of the world. The young plant looks humble, until it begins flowering. The flowering begins during predawn light in early spring. Each flower lasts only for a day, but the flowering continues until late summer. The tip of each stalk explodes in a burst of yellow sparks, sitting on top of the stalk as a lavish hat filled with fireworks. The flowers are like small torches, lighting up the sky in front of the magician, showing the way… After the flowering light burst dies down, what is left on the stalks are the translucent grey seed-pods, able to float on the gentlest of breezes, due to their aerodynamic shape, where the seed sits on the bottom of a giant propeller-like structure. As dawn arrives and the wind picks up, the seed-pods detach from the magician's body, to seek a fertile ground to grow on. Each of them carries a homunculus of the magician in the centre of the seed. The seed propellers contain one of the attributes of the mature magician – a magic wand, a shoe, a pentacle, a coin, a cup, a projector. The young plant with a projector will develop its form and function as an illusionist more than that of an artisan. Asexual reproduction means that the plants would become increasingly diversified, while sexual production re-introduces multiple 'faces' of the magician into the same plant. Magician's effect on the world isn't lasting: the plant provides temporary illumination and illusion, which disappears as soon as the flowers' sparks disappear.


note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference

major arcana

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