The Tower, La Sagitta, La Maison Dieu (TM)



  • La Sagitta (the arrow), the flame, god's finger, La Maison Dieu (god's house)
  • tower, lightning, 2 reversed figures falling to earth
  • MT → 2 types
    • earlier versions show a tree, shepherd and flock of sheep. tree is struck by lightning.
    • later versions include tower being struck by lightning
  • sudden, unpredictable
  • chaotic, ruinous forces
  • tower of babel, wrath of god, decent into misunderstanding
  • complete, radical, disruptive change
  • escaping from prison, escape through catastrophe
  • fire

plant connections

  • wolf's bane. extremely toxic, burning, constrictive sensation proceeds death. used in chinese and ayurvedic medecine Aconitum
  • fox glove. toxic, induces vomiting
  • sequoia. large, towering redwoods. Sequoia (genus)


  • beige
  • white (lightning, explosions)
  • lava red
  • black


note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference

major arcana

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