workshop_notes from the Tension workshop at FoAM 2004.06.28 → 2004.07.05

Participants: Kayle Brandon, Ruben Bus, Heath Bunting, Cocky Eek, Nik Gaffney, Mathias Gmachl, Theun Karelse, Linda Karlsson, Patrick de Koning, Lina Kusaite, Maja Kuzmanovic, Ana Rewakowicz, Rachel Wingfield

Place: FoAM, Koolmijnenkaai / Quai des Charbonnages 30-34 (second floor of the back building), 1080 Brussels, Belgium

Open lab: Saturday 2004.07.03, 4pm-7pm

Tentative work programme (remarks or changes are very welcome)

see the Tension Workshop Schedule

Rachel Wingfield has some ideas » Loop:TensionWorkshop

Ruben as an architect is interested to make inflatable spaces which can grow or shrink. As it grows it might bump into some rigid structuters; which on their turn decide the shape of the inflatables and push in their rigid grid, to give the surface structure. He likes to do research on large size and small samples.

Hopefully every human being has a skin, its SecondSkin can be seen as its clothes and the ThirdSkin? can be seen as flexible spaces we walk through. These spaces are organised as huge cells; each cell has is own biotoop All the cells together form one living organism. And each cell can change over time; it can split itself into two ore more cells, it�s pressure can change or it can start to vibrate or move its position. Depending on its supporting function each cells can regulate its temperature, humidity, sound, smell, colour, wind-(or tornado)speed etc.

In this tension-workhop I would like to research:

  • how to make cell-spaces breath
  • how to split one cell into two
  • how to merge two or more cells
  • How to create portals to inflate new cells with force speed.


  • will make a 'tension menu' of foods that change shape through inflation, heating, pressure, torsion etc.
  • will work with Nik Gaffney on researching the morphology of living organisms shaped by forces acting in their surroundings.
  • will function as a workshop coordinator and FoAM contact person


More to find more on Buckminster Fuller. In the sixties a french group called Utopie (with Antoine Stinco, Jean Aubert, and Jean Paul Jungmann) graduated on projects based on combinations of inflatables and Buckminster Fuller's constructions. Therefore they studied among others the soap bubble experiments (publised in 1962 ) of Frei Otto.

Inflatable Structures / / Minimal Surfaces voor links/books/projects on inflatables

articles;The art of portable architecture (Robert Kronenburg) and the age of new nomadism (Jennifer Siegal); maps (Marie_Ange Brayer) Mobility and migration in the architecture in 1950 and 1960's (Marie_Ange Brayer) tree tents:

some science stuff

dutch science:

and later this year will be launched an archive of 14.000 science journals.

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