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d i a g r a m s / plantuML

(using the plantUML render plugin

slinkdouble slinktwo slinkunoduotreemapelongated stem, or trunkphotosynthetic leaves or branchessome distance above the groundangiosperms and gymnospermsroots

some examples from

DCP - Cahier des chargesMOA :obde/ MOE :teamflatRoleAdherentMaterielTypeMaterielEvenementPlanningTacheDemandeQuestionSMSGroupe10..110..*1..*10..*0..*0..10..*0..*11..*0..*dirige0..*0..10..*10..*10..*110..*


startecho a warningecho locationstart flyingexit stage leftstart chasing elephantsexit 2steam pumpmounted ?Nolinked toorchestra ?Noflying ?NostartedNoYesYesstartedNoYes

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