The OpenStim group has two primary goals:

1. Create a community that designs the core technology for a safe, highly functional, inexpensive, efficacious noninvasive transcranial magnetic stimulator (TMS) device for stimulating the central nervous system.

2. Facilitate experimentation and exchange of ideas, on the topic of modulation of brain function in a variety of people and contexts, so that we can learn more about the neural circuits mediating our subjective experiences, and improve mental functions (aka hacking your brain).

“Green and red flashes derived from strapping magnets to the skull will probably never replace psychedelic drugs for resolute trippers. However, Silvanto hopes to induce multiple colours and shapes in patients like GY to determine what other visual features can bypass the primary visual cortex.”

Current Biology (DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2008.08.016)

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