Is a new public park in Amsterdam-West designed in workshops by FoAM during the Pop-Up Park festival.


This former schoolyard is enclosed within a block of 1920's architecture in an area within Amsterdam-West that is particularly devoid of green spaces. FoAM has joined initiator Arnoud Hekkens in opening this 1000m2 yard to the public. With local inhabitants under the guidance of some 5 experts, many designs were made and combined into a final design by Sanne Horn. The final design is inspired by the Ryad, the Middle Eastern palace gardens or paradise garden.


The tuin van Jan is centered around 5 main focus points. For each of these an expert has been guiding the process from the first workshops until the final design.

  • Sanne Horn: garden design, layout and plant selection
  • Martin Mechers: urban ecology, who can live here
  • Dirk van Berge: orchard, urban fruits
  • Fransje de Waal: permaculture, the garden within the neighborhood
  • Dirk Overduin: material cycles, resourcing and recycling within a 5 km radius
  • Johannes Frolich: water management (joined in later)


The main structure of the garden, like landscaping and pavement, will be implemented in the summer of 2012. Much of the planting will follow in the course of 2013.

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