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 ==== Mandrago 'Fraser' Mithrodin ==== ==== Mandrago 'Fraser' Mithrodin ====
 +the apprentice  
 +| {{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/8677388699 !thumbnail}} | Engineering apprentice, assistant to Trismegisto Herbert Taraxi, a youth showing much potential but lacking discipline. His apprenticeship is a part of a corrective process designed to transform Mithrodin’s selfishness into selflessness. He lives and works in the crafts workshop, acting as a guard and receptionist, while taking any opportunity to join fieldwork expeditions, where he often gets lost. He is a clumsy experimenter, throwing the workshop into chaos and disorder. Although he is eager to help, he  also relentlessly questions the patabotanists' work and turns their hypotheses upside-down and inside-out. |
 +Interests: sacrificial rituals, con-artistry, pain management, optical illusions, vegetal poisons.
 +Personality traits: clumsy, helpful, thoughtless, greedy, regretful, broad-minded, shabby.
 ==== recent edits ==== ==== recent edits ====
 {{editor>manmi}} {{editor>manmi}}
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