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 ==== Melina 'Daphne' Draco ==== ==== Melina 'Daphne' Draco ====
 +the trans-species lawyer
 +| {{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/8677388763 !thumbnail}} | Law theoretician and practitioner, plant rights activist, versed in jurisprudence of multiple species and several parallel realities. She is an experienced negotiator in plant offering disputes and celebrant in the patabotanical marriages of stories and plants. Her task is to infiltrate the legal system to give plants legal rights and identity, allowing them to  have a voice in human elections and policy making. |
 +Interests: the law of cause and effect in parallel universes, knot theory, interspecies rights, institutional governance.
 +Personality traits: righteous, balanced, fair, bland, virtuous, stable, stoic, moderate, dull.
 ==== recent edits ==== ==== recent edits ====
 {{editor>medra}} {{editor>medra}}
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