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I think that you wonder sometimes, just like I do, about how would it really be and feel like when robots would be in a social space or a household? Will it be a different experience from when interacting with robots in exhibitions, academic or business premises? I believe that the experience will involve various novel confused feelings. However, all guessing won't offer a solid basis for any kind of knowledge. So let's see how visiting a robot house would reveal some of the truth about it, which is the right place to answer these kinds of questions.

It sounds as if it is a place where you go and visit a robot's family. However that is still an ambitious interpretation to think of. In fact, Robot House is an ordinary British style flat that was used by LIREC research team to run Human Robot Interaction (HRI) experiments to test how participants would feel and react towards robots in certain situations [1]. In this house the host is a robot from the PeopleBots with a tray that fetches snacks to you whenever you like.

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