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'Universiteit voor Zelfstudie' from a Dutch dictionary of curious words from the which looks like its from the 50ies.

Words are in the Dutch spelling, but the English can probably be derived from them and sometimes I already have.

agas asellum drijf een ezel zoveel ge wilt, het blijft een ezel. (L)= how ever much you push a donkey, it will remain a donkey-

agonische lijn / agonic line? denkbeeldige lijn die alle puten op aarde verbindt waarr de magneetnaal geen afwijking vertoont van het eigenlijke Noorden. = imaginary line connecting all points on the earth's surface where the magnet needle does not digress away from the true North-

allantiasis worstvergiftiging. = sausage-poisoning-

allotropie vormverscheidenheid. = diversity of form in the way carbon can take the form of coal or diamond-

allopsychose / allospychosis geestesziekte, waarbij de voorstellingen omtrent de buitenwereld gestoord zijn. = disease of the mind involving a disturbed mental image of the world.-

allotrioguesie stoornis in de smaakgewaarwording, smaakhallucinatie. = taste hallucination-

allopelagisch / allopelagic op alle diepten van de zee kunnen leven. = can live at all depths of the sea-

allotriophagie Het nuttigen van niet tot eten bestemde of geschikte stoffen of voorwerpen bijv. uit krankzinnigheid of uit nood door drenkelingen of op onherbergzame plaatsen terechtgekomen. = the eating of substances and objects which are usually not considered food, due to insanity or out of desperation when stranded or otherwise isolated-

anagalactisch / anagalactic? = situated outside of the Milky Way.

anaglyphen / anaglyphs = stereoscopic image using a red and green image.

androgenese / androgenesis ontwikkeling van een levend organisme uitsluitend uit mannelijke cellen. = an organism that develops exclusively out off masculine cells-

androphaag = man-eater.

anemophylie = pollination by wind.

anisophyllie = the appearance of two or more different shapes of leaves on a plant.

antediluviaal / antediluvian = from before the biblical flood, ancient.

aphagie onvermogen om te slikken. = inability to swallow-

apogeotropisme neiging zich te gedragen in strijd met de zwaartekracht. = the inclination to behave contrary to the laws of gravity, in the way a branch or twig bends itself upwards-

apotoom verschil tussen twee onmeetbare grootheden. = mathematics: difference between two immeasurable numbers-

aprioristisch / aprioristic? = decision made before having gotten to know the facts or before having made a study.

aplanaat = lens that shows no distortion of picture or color at the edges.

aplasie = full or partial standstill in growth of tissue or organs.

apperceptie / apperception bewuste, beoordelende en opzettelijke waarneming. = conscious, critical and deliberate observation,

astrobolisme = the blasting of plants by the summer-sun.

astrolith = stone originating from the sky.

asylum ignoratiae (L)= refuge for ignorance.

athaumasie het zich nergens over verwonderen als voorwaarde voor zielsrust en gelukzaligheid. = lack of wonder or indifference as a source of inner peace-

augur = birddowser, fortuneteller of ancient Rome -_vogelwichelaar, waarzegger, voorspeller._

autopathie eigen gewaarwording, zelfervaring. = self-perception-

autostasie = state of balance between the animate and the inanimate in nature.

autotrophisch / autotropic zichzelf voedend zonder voedsel aan e omgeving te onttrekken. = sustains itself without subtracting nourishment from the environment (bacteria and plants) -

autotropisme neiging van planten om in een rechte lijn of vaste richting te groeien of de oorspronkelijke vorm weer aan te nemen. = inclination of -plants to grow in a certain direction or to return to a previous (or is it prior) form-

biomantie = fortune telling specified to predicting the life-span of a person.

bletonisme = the art of finding water under ground.

bolide = kind of meteorite, known also as a fire-ball.

bromatologie kennis of leer van de voedingsmiddelen. = knowledge of victuals-

brontologie = the study or knowledge of thunder.

carnatie / carnation? = depiction of human flesh in painting.

carpoliet / carpolith? = petrified remains of fruit.

cataphorie ongelijke stand inhoogte van de ogen. = varied position in height of the eyes-

clinomanie = pathological compulsion to lie in bed- _ziekelijke zucht om in bed te liggen.-

cochenille scharlakenluis, schildluis die een rode verfstof oplevert. = 'scarlet-louse', coccus that is the source of a red pigment-

cognitie = nice dutch translation: kenvermogen, which means the ability to know or 'know-capacity'.

cononten / conodonts? = petrified remains of teeth and jaws of worms in very old layers of earth.

couldrofobie / couldrophobia = irrational fear of clowns.

cybernetica / cybernetics = in this book from the 50-ies it is described as 'stuurmanskunst'= steersmanship.

cyanthropie = delusion causing the sufferer to believe he is a dog.

deipnosophist = a person killed in dinner-table conversation.

diamonelix = man-sized open sandstone spiral found in certain West-Nebraska regions, thought to be the petrified remains of the fillings of the boroughs of prehistoric rodents.

dermatorragie = skinbleed, sweat of blood. (sound like something hagiographic.)

dilettant kunstzinnige of wetenschappelijke beunhaas. (F)= artistic or scientific bungler-

dirigeable bestuurbaar luchtschip. (F)= controllable airship-

drapetomanie / drapetomania? ziekelijke zucht to zwerven of weglopen. = pathological compulsion to roam or wander or run away-

dysteleologie leer van de doelloosheid in de natuur. = study of uselessness in nature-

echokinesie ,echomatisme, echomimie = pathological compulsion to mimic movements.

echolalie = pathological compulsion to repeat ones own words or words spoken by others.

entomologie = knowledge of insects.

entomoliet / entomolith? = petrified insect.

epagogisch / epagogic? gaande van het bijzondere naar het algemene. = moving from the particular to the common-

epeolartie /epeolatry = worshipping of words.

epheliden / ephelids = summer-freckles.

epicantus = mongolian fold in the eye-lid.

epizoisch / epizoic? = living on the body of an animal.

erratica = wandering-stones.

fucologie / fucology? = knowledge of seaweeds.

fumigatie / fumigation? = smoking-out an enclosure on a ship or in a hospital to disinfect.

fungilore = knowledge of legends and folklore about fungi.

galantisme = pretending to be science, superficial science.

galeanthropie = delusion causing the sufferer to believe he is a cat.

geonomie / geonomy? = knowledge of earth and its potential for farming.

geostropische wind / geostropic wind? = wind that gets its energy fro the axial rotation of the earth.

geotropisme = the inclination to conform to the laws of gravity, in the way a branch or twig hangs down.

glytognosie = knowledge of stone cutting.

haruspex = religious official in ancient Rome who interpreted omens by inspecting the entrails of sacrificial animals.

entzauberung onttovering (G)= 'de-magic-fication' of nature, enlightenment-

hamartologie = knowledge of sins.

heteromorphisme = the ability of some crystals to take several different crystalline forms.

hydrometeoren / hydrometeorites = everything that falls from clouds.

hypnagotische hallucinatie = dreamlike image seen shortly before dosing-off, that is connected to the subject of thought of that moment.

iconolatrie = veneration of statues or images (beelden in dutch.)

ideoplasie verandering of vervoming van de organische stof onder invloed van geestelijke werking. = changing or deforming of organic tissue due to mental influence-

immanentie / immanence? inwonen van de goddelijke geest in de natuur of de stof. = the being present of the holy ghost in nature or matter-

indicatoridae = type of bird that alerts man to the presence of a bees-nest by the use of sound and wing-movement, in-order to get bee-larvae to eat.

in silico (L)= by means of a computer simulation.

isopsefie = number magic.

kerauneurose / kerauneurosis? = neurological disorder due to thunderstorms.

kinetogenese de leer dat de dierlijke lichaamsbouw voortgekomen is uit hun bewegingen. = the notion that animal stature originates from the way they move-

kjökken mödding (D)= hill of kitchen-garbage left by prehistoric inhabitants of the Danish coast.

kurassier / cuirassier = a cavalry soldier that wears a helmet and a chest harness.

lagopthalmus = hare-eye- hazenoog.

lycanthropie = delusion causing the sufferer to believe he is a wolf.

malacologie = knowledge of mollusks.

manisme = veneration of forefathers.

mesosideriet / mesosiderite? = partially metallic meteor-stone.

matemerisme = the division of body of an animal into somewhat similar parts.

metaplasie verandering van een lichaamsweefsel in een andere. = the changing of one body tissue into an other-

myrmecologie = knowledge of ants.

nadir = astronomy the point on the celestial sphere directly below an observer, the opposite of the zenith.

naturaliën = very rare produces of nature.

noumenon (L)= something that exists only in the realm of ideas and cannot be perceived through the senses.

obscurantisme = the aim to corrupt the march of progress or the enlightenment of the people.

oneirologie = study of dreams.

oxiopie / oxyopy = possessing extremely acute eyesight.

palynologie = study of pollen.

paraesthesie verkeerde lichamelijke gewaarwording. = incorrect bodily perception-

paramorf = strange form, differing in form.

philosophaster, sciolist = a superficial pretender to knowledge.

photisme = sensations of color or light caused by sound vibrations.

phytonomie = the laws that govern the coming into existance and growth of plants.

phytopharmacie = described in dutch as; 'plantenatrsenybereidkunde', so 'plantmedicationpreparationknowledge'.

plenus venter non studet liberter (L)= a full stomach doesn't like to study.

plutocratie = cultural dominance of the rich, wealth or money.

potamologie = study of rivers.

protistologie = study of the earliest life-forms.

pseudaesthesie onechte of verkeerde gevoelsgewaarwording. = unreal or incorrect tactile awareness-

pseudakusis onechte of verkeerde gehoorsgewaarwording. = unreal or incorrect auditory awareness-

pseudo blepsie gezichtsbedrog. = unreal or incorrect visual awareness-

psuedosmie onechte of verkeerde reukgewaarwording. = unreal or incorrect smell awareness-

Pytthia = the priestess at the oracle of Delphi who was seated on a tripod over a hole in the earth where the body of a 'slain dragon'(a vulcano) was buried that excreted methane. The largely unintelligable utterings of this woman were interpreted by a priest and would hold informaion about future events.

quidditeit / quiddity het eigenlijke wezen van iets, het wezenlijke deel van iets. = the elementary or truly essential part of something -

sarcosoma = the part of the body that is meat as opposed to the skeleton.

sciamantie / sciamantia = fortune-telling by shadows.

scototropisme = influence of the dark or shaduws on the behavour of organisms, movement towards the shadow or darkness by organisms.

selenotropisch/ selenotropic? = the tendency of a plant to aim itself towards the moon.

sensiblerie (F) = exaggerated display of emotional sensitivity.

Sint Vitus dans / Dance of Saint Vitus? = neurological disease that brings with it all kinds of sudden and involuntary movements of the limbs, face and muscles.

spintherisme = seeing sparkles.

statuomanie = exaggerated ambition to erect statues.

stereognosie = perceiving an object by the sense of touch.

stoechiometrie leer van de verhoudingen wat betreft gewicht, ruimte en andere grootheden in scheikundige stoffen en hun verbindingen. = study of relations of weight, size and other measurements of chemical substances and compounds-

stratificatie = layered order of stone, sediment, body-tissue etc.

styliet / stylite = pillar-saint.

sylphe / sylphide = air-phantom, air-god or a nice girl.

teleologie leer van het doel en de doelmatigheid in de Schepping en in de verschijnselen. = study of the purpose and determination in Creation and phenomena-

thaumatologie / taumatology = study of miracles.

theophanie = sudden appearance of God.

trophotaxis = the adaptaion of an organism to a substance that can serve as food.

ultracrepidarian (person) = of somebody who gives opinions on matters beyond his knowledge.

umami = the fifth taste.

xanthopsie = seeing everything yellow.

xerophagie = fasting, eating very soberly.

xylologie = study of types of wood.

zoölatrie = veneration of animals.

zoöliet = petrified animal.

zoöpsie = delusion of the mind causing a person to see heaps of crawling animals everywhere.)

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