a few workshop_notes from the workshop “Outside/Inside: Boundary Crossings, a Wearable Design Workshop” July 31 - August 04, 2004 » http://www.banffcentre.ca/programs/program.aspx?id=143

data aesthetics * topological design xinwei, tom, kaki

  • objects versus stuff, field, networks, continuity
  • - * impact on technology

artefact-art field-???


wearables - response-action feedback loops - underlying perception

  • respatialising, resynthesising perceptions uncouple sounds-visuals
  • creating of new perceptions and new senses
  • explicit what is implicit in everyday perception
  • visualising social performance

topological design

  • mapping one space into another- wearables = coordinate system (static, dynamic) - not a cartesian manifold - 2d shape in 3d
  • nuance, continuity, curvature
  • spatial transform chain
  • quality perserving - by understanding how one space relates to another

jewelry listening to conversation - * phase space - building a conversation in a space - a sentence is a loop - preserves the quality of the conversation, but preserves the richness of it

  • emotional space that defines the output in the jewelery
  • data aesthetics - emergent from mapping


  • people's behaviour in spaces
  • mobile ad-hoc networks and topographical design
  • people behave in decentralised way - social relationships that support ad hoc networks
  • decentralised systems to illuminate connections between individuals in public spaces
  • 'oscillating windows - workshops looking at how individuals relate to be a node in a network
  • what social relationships can ad hoc networks can support (umbrella net)
  • changing qualities of the topology of the network - simultaneously connect and alter subjective experiences in public space (in crowds)
  • individuals, groups, space

mobile tech in argentina, phillipines intensified political intervention

  • there is always a design in technology - even if people think they break it, it carries on into their lives
  • tech constructs and deconstruction of tech happens at the same time

field-affordance-unbounding of perception-field of opportunities and stimulations artefact-art

context and situated interaction change by changing the elements of context ted krueger - animal magnetism, magnetism as a 6th sense massumi + deleuze other territory that can be seen as perception

spiderman 2 the game - experiencing the city as a swinging city LA experience - la freeway - land of islands and highways making garments that alter physical and mental topologies

ian borden - skating and architecture

the world we live in is not cartesian sensor spaces are not euclidean guatari

  • 'osmosis'
  • maybe all we need is to cope with life, not sure some delusion
  • the kitchen is interesting 1/2 space between institution and the patients
  • patients allowed to assume real roles not as a subject of the machine, but as the components of it
  • bindings and mappings are not 1to1 (when 2 people share one umbrella is one node in the network topology)

victoria vesna http://people.i-dat.org/detail/?csvv

skin patented by microsoft

nanotech fashion and technology class

  • best way to learn it is to teach it
  • no fashion after chanel
  • no painting after malevich
  • tech with net art
  • collaboration with nano tech scientists
  • we cant wait for the future (the interesting wearable tech is not here yet)
  • most students immediately connected to the environment and ecology
  • tech influencing clothes but also our social space and the environment
  • clothes with the invisible, ancient cosmologies
  • astrology and colour in the visible and invisible spectrum

nano exhibition - http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/science/july-dec04/nano_07-16.html

  • large environment
  • arch - dymaxian map -
  • projections and sensors - moving through space and influencing the space through it

otis school of fashion and ucla design and media arts

  • fashion influencing who we are instead of just a skin
  • projecting patterns on white cloth
  • fantasy environment, not shying away from beauty - quite utopian
  • shedding clothes

-fabric helps moving more fluidly through space

  • geometries found in nature - the only connection to the technological world
  • fashion schools very backward - if we want to engage them, we need to develop a new market
  • working with models was such a frustration - dance choreographer helped the situation - included dancers instead of models
  • architecture - bit part of the design
  • dresses blended in - clothing is interconnected with the environment - designed to be projected on
  • manipulating bucky balls with their shadows
  • exhibition - still when there is no one around it
  • going into the grain of sand
  • dancers enacting the installation
  • nano tech and possiblity of materials, ordered some quantum dots - sitting + waiting for an application
  • buddhist monks doing a meditation on the number of molecules in the wall, the other about 1000 buddhas balancing on a grain of sand

ris:ome -fashion, ves, mobile tech why?

  • questions of politics and power (in sociology)
  • reproduction and maintenance of social order, but also renegotiation of order
  • hierarchical structures

-cui bono - relations of everyday life - critical interventions social scale

  • individual and interaction level (fashion, ubiquitous networks) fash - pleasure, performance, display - can be problematic in different social contexts
  • group (group identification, mediated communities) - fashion - social roles, inequalities - perpetuation or challenges to normative social order?
  • organisational and institutional (fashion and commodity, organisational networks and databases) - fashion branding, consumption, global inequalities - socual and cultural values and norms that we are building into the wearables?
  • cross cultural values (spirituality)
  • flexibility in the mobile networks so groups can move across social context
  • who owns the mobile networks
  • ownership, control and appropriation of wearable systems
  • opennes and flexibility
  • meaningmaking
  • learning from today's everyday


for whom are we designing wearables? art and performance, public experiments * already talked about

what other outcomes? market for smart materials: now 300mn USD, growth 11-28% growth over 4 years

  • lots of monitoring and surveillance
  • military
  • sport
  • safety
  • high tech fashion
  • surveillance
  • extreme sports
  • games and entertainment

Joe Cunning (national textiles usa) - human expectation very high

  • eminent (european - more cautious prediction)
  • avantex
  • gorix - biomedical


thad starner - intel will abandon desktop computing for wearables in 15 years or so… what will happen to microsoft? (now 3:1 - wearables:desktops) 'zero power computing' (david may, bristol) fashion and history - the watch and wearables: 'time and time again' (iswc 2002 tom martin) vernor vinge ieee spectrum july 2004 'sensor nation' - silent messaging - alternative forms communicating with wearables (getting away from the keyboard paradigm)


nokia and swatch - * shift from mobile phones to 'personal electronic devices'

  • wearables as 'communication systems' - about messaging + information collection (scary)

- * too much influenced by modible phones and pdas

  • more about energy and actuation?
  • change our personal environment, communicate between different environments
  • techniques that we were looking at - very old fashioned (weaving, silk screening, chips, pics…) - there are other flexible materials that can do distributed processing in the body - getting stuff to stick together better - how to make the wearables more robust

  • catherine
  • memory - importance of being able to forget
  • communication - personal expression as communication - what kind of context do we need to have a meaningful communication
  • networks (ad hoc networkds) - why are they always so simmetrical? ——– translation between protocols
  • are we simplifying the experience of embodied reality?

comfort! (no chips in clothing) responsive - not connected to technology? molecular structure of self connected to the molecular structure of the garment foam - interesting material that has not been used for performance - subversiveness of electronics gives new performance options

  • comfort - picking a comfortable personalised armour
  • mobile phone is a new sword - not about identity but possession

communication -caught in a relationship with data not homogenous protocols -sharing and mismatch of protocols in conversations 'designing for erasure' of materials networks that appear and disappear - interesting for fashion - ephemeral events ecology of the ways that materials are produced - transformation of garments (having 1 garment that changes as needed) physical chemistry in relation to clothes that you wear + light –> colour structure, geometry… of garments economic model -cell phones, music industry - downloading your 'image' emotions, clothes embed emotional memory + physiological memory (sweat, deformation) mapping interior state in the exterior - what i choose is how i feel - personal style - * prescribed transition takes away that choice (chemical reactions)- variable transitions more interesting when done with electronics (reconfigurable architectures) choice - colour is very culturally specific -can wearables reintroduce the local colour difference - or will it homogenise telecomunication and gesture not only choosing our clothes but choosing what being we want to make negative choice in clothing - subcultures white bikini on a beach - * clothing as form of social control

– yacov clothing for cyber human characters performance situation with no lighting texture of the body made out of glass transparencies

– sara performance in code zebra chat visualisation system navigating identities on internet camouflage, seduction, attack, patterning, abstraction cross disciplinary flirtation renegotiate identity biological and mobile chat space fixed and changeable shapeshifting dance and text performance back in performance spectacle, non improvised performance moodshifts within the audience space change the space for the performers thematic club experiences animal identities humans shapeshifting into animals antropomorphic characteristics using dance and stretch workshops to teach people about knitwear

time and memory

  • shapeshifting in garments through time
  • touch as memory

jenny dress that can tell time through scent

  • scents to influence memory
  • extend sense of smell with artificial senses
  • helping the elderly, alzheimers
  • smell helps with mental health
  • diseases have a particular smell
  • smelly clock to tell different time


  • how important the idea of memory is when we buy clothes
  • we purchase manufactured memories
  • clothing when you try on you feel like you have just had sex

steve man - capturing every moment

pervasive computing - environments to help us remember anything

memory rich garments (collaboration with students)

  • intimacy
  • evidence + digital tech - we can edit the history of use
  • garments that can remember with touch (when, where, how much)
  • shouldn't be terrified by the body
  • intimate memory (touch, groping, whispering)
  • circuit design as a decorative element
  • soft circuits with connections glued with conductive epoxy
  • thermo chromic - direct memory
  • touch pads and feathery dresses - choreographed touch

electronic vs the body - interplay betweeen the body and the electronix paltier junction - cool down very fast + body heat changes other parts public and private collection of smells/memories information harvest - what do we store and memory and what not

victoria 'building a community of people with no time' - how are you? im busy.

  • fundamental need to connect to geometries in nature
  • notime body made from a tetrahedron


  • project that can grow on its own physically and online

cellular trans-actions - primary shape - hexagon (satellite systems and gsms divides the city in hexagons - most efficient packing system in nature

  • using cell phones to talk to people in the same space
  • simplifying life - not making it less complex - cant do it alone, need a collaborative situation
  • active materials should be outside of fashion industry, but more in performance
  • tapping in communication patterns in animal - pursuing our instincts through technology
  • where is the passion in here?? too many intellectual discussions…

collective memory - making one prototype as opposed to making many

  • absolute minimum number for a collective
  • digital technologies manufacture collective memory
  • memory embedded in your entire body - extension of it - should be in coordination with our structures
  • too many machines do not match biological structures


  • gulf between theory and practice
  • approach to responsiveness in general : simple but engaging systems, other really choreographed
  • ethical side - fashion personally oriented, but also social constructs
  • power sources
  • there were more aesthetic questions than ethical
  • looking at more traditional techniquest
  • grotowsky, artaud - mystical theatre, who are we as bodies in the world
  • not looking at the language, but how can bodies engage one another
  • gestures prior to words
  • more discussions about where the body begins and where does it end
  • world sensing instead of world sensing
  • where do the bodies come from? - emergence of the body
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