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.. .as many words as the eskimo's have for for snow(clones)…

Eskimo English
apun snow
apingaut first snowfall
pokaktok salt-like snow
aput spread-out snow
miulik sleet
kanik frost
massak snow mixed with water
kanigruak frost on a living surface
auksalak melting snow
aniuk snow for melting into water
ayak snow on clothes
kannik snowflake
akillukkak soft snow
nutagak powder snow
milik very soft snow
aniu packed snow
mitailak soft snow covering an opening in an ice floe
aniuvak snowbank
natigvik snowdrift
sillik hard, crusty snow
kimaugruk snowdrift that blocks something
kiksrukak glazed snow in a thaw
mauya snow that can be broken through
perksertok drifting snow
akelrorak newly drifting snow
katiksunik light snow
mavsa snowdrift overhead and about to fall
kaiyuglak rippled surface of snow
apuuak snow patch
sisuuk avalanche
katiksugnik light snow deep enough for walking

compiled by D.K. Holm, drawn from the Inupiat Eskimo Dictionary by Webster and Zibell, and from Thibert's English-Eskimo Eskimo-English Dictionary.

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