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The Dust and Shadow publications are intended as experiments in their own right. The Fieldnotes contain suggestive impressions emerging from each of FoAM's field trips in Arizona. The Readers are self-published collections of writings, quotes and bibliographic wandering designed to accompany our experiments and to be shared in-situ and online. Towards the end of the project we're aiming to publish a book, something which may function as a field guide to the worlds made possible with Dust & Shadow. Alongside these experimental publications, more traditional material may take shape.



Travel writing through geographic and conceptual fields. Experiments in impressionistic and suggestive writing, invitations to partake in seeing the world through the eyes of FoAM Earth.

See also the fieldnotes page.


Spring 2018: reader 1 (copy ready beginning of feb, published before March 24)

  • fieldnotes 1 & 2 including scenario/s as backstory/ies (foam)
    • existing examples/facts to use as a given and their shadows, parallel worlds, hints and rumours (lct)
  • quotes from D&S ecosystem and annotated bibliography (all)
  • photos and diagrams (foam)

Summer 2018

  • fieldnotes 3 - thalient lab, walk (foam)
  • research on plants, foods, communities, rituals - towards the seasonal feast (all)
  • lists (ron)



Spring 2019

Experiment/proposition on how to create a new world…

  • a seed for new worlds to emerge (an incantation)
  • it can be taken to different milieus and it becomes a different thing

Collecting the world

  • write out different myths
  • historiography or “natural” history book (e.g. Codex Seraphinianus - aesthetics, overlays of science and fiction)
    • retelling of (everyday) history according to different myths (to do: find facts to use as a given and build myths around them)
    • layer/blend cultural references into new hybrid myths (?)
    • what are our polysemic words that exist in both worlds, e.g. antenna, arms, conscription (ref. alien, ship from The Last Angel of History

Transition design studies manual

  • a manual for transition to “The Culture” (Banks) via D&S
  • it should be evocative, activating and suggestive (e.g. spell-book, fieldguide, recipe book, activity book?) without being prescriptive.

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