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Espresso Poetry and workshop divination

from mathematickal_arts_2011

  • Binding adaptive symmetry pocket
  • Symbiotic stitch algebra soft failure
  • Entangle stretching threads abstraction
  • Connect all over good enough conjectures
  • Seeking approximate zero plaits
  • Knit asymmetry contingent intertwingle
  • Tinker fabrics onto geometric permanence
  • Disentangle translations to scaled conversationals
  • Befriend vector resilience, repeat
  • Linear graceful degradation oppose rugs
  • Infinity compliment long term crochet
  • Flexible rope linking tangents
  • Embody responsive mirror ( neuron ) knot
  • Upcycle parasitic weave topology
  • Circle survival ribbon twists
  • Counting (ways of ) applied lazyness (&) merging print
  • Inverse effectiveness negates cloth
  • Slice and dice transient arithmetic patterns
  • Structured procrastination antagonizes pleat numbers
  • Emergent reuse affinity embroidery
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