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Menu for the reception at the opening of the Future Fictions exhibition at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium, on the 4th of October 2014. Based on four archetypal food_scenarios


Context: “continue business as usual”, exotic foods, delicate or exaggerated presentation, lively colours, re-localised tastes, importance of branding, enhanced foods… Read more about the Continue scenario

  • Golden banana and parsley raita with vegetable crisps
  • Limburg sushi
  • Asparagus and sweet-corn jello
  • Rainbow pasta salad
  • “Green” tea


Context: Wholesome foods focused on nutritional value, food as medicine, certification bureaucracy, short supply chains, C2C, wild foods… Read more about the Discipline scenario

  • Witlof leaf stuffed with cheesy potatoes and wild herbs
  • Pumpkin and smoked paprika smoothie
  • Mixed grains and seeds with chantarelles and harissa
  • Layered wholegrain hummus and beetroot sandwiches


Context: waste as food, fermentation, hunting and gathering, anti-biotic resistance, starvation/decadence, mock meat, insects, nose-to-tail diets… Read more about the Collapse scenario

  • Potato-peel chips with truffle oil
  • Fermented seasonal mushrooms
  • Smoked mushroom consomme
  • Crickets in seaweed salt
  • Spirulina capsules


Context: innovation, playfulness, DIY, flavour pairing, food science, food forests, micro-supply chains, ultra-boutique products… Read more about the Transform scenario

  • Raw cocoa snuff
  • Fruit reduction with chilli
  • Mock oysters (glazed seasonal fruit)
  • Popping dates
  • Purple carrots and candied violets
  • Sweet basil drink
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