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Menu for the reception at the opening of the Future Fictions exhibition at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium, on the 4th of October 2014. Based on four archetypal food_scenarios. Recipes used in this menu can be found on future_fictions_recipes.

;#; Continue ;#;

;#; Golden fruit & veg
Banana, parsley, vegetable crisps
Limburg sushi
Blue potato, asparagus
Vegetable jello
Sweet corn, peas, pepper, agar agar, tabasco
Rainbow pasta salad
Spirelli, food colouring, orange, okra, coriander
“Green” tea
Lemongrass, lemon, stevia

;#; Read more about the Continue scenario ;#;

;#; Discipline ;#;

;#; Wholesome bite
Witlof, potatoes, cheese, sprouts
Autumn velouté
Pumpkin, sweet potato, smoked paprika, oregano, thym
Spoonful of fertility
Grains, seeds, chanterelles, harissa
Whole Earth Sandwich
Wholegrain bread, beetroot, celeriac, chickpeas ;#;

;#; Read more about the Discipline scenario ;#;

;#; Collapse ;#;

;#; Potato-peel chips
Potato peel, truffle oil, seaweed
Fermented mushrooms
Button mushrooms, herbs
Smoked fungus juice
Fermentation liquid, root vegetables, honey
Mock worms in seaweed salt
Baby anchovy, seaweed
Food Supplement

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;#; Transform ;#;

;#; Fruit elixir
Berries, rose petals, chilly, juniper
Mock oysters
Quince, port, orange, spices
Popping dates
Mazafati dates, tahini, popping sugar
Carrots and violets
Purple carrots, candied violets, urban honey, lemon
Sweet basil teas
Sweet basil seeds, hibiscus, lavender, mallow

;#; Read more about the Transform scenario ;#;

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