groWorld design week: travelogues from 'tangental travel'

I decided to take my guest to teh trip to the forest next to my parents hours, but seeing it throughout my dreams (of the forest..which transforms in my dreams) In the beginning we want to go on the roof, where you see the neighbourhood and forests from above. sky carnival at night the hidden dream the little river turning into a big river getting onto flat planets and riding it through the have to be careful!

First of all after having some tea and cake we went up to look on the roof terrace. We had to go up the stairs, then it was the attic, where we managed to look very fast in all the dusty corners. We saw some….groworld_travelogues…there were some objects…lots of flat pieces with lines..sometimes lines looked like our house.

then we got on roof terrace when we were amazed by the night sky carnival above the forest. Suddenly we noticed we started to multiply without our control. After some time looking at it we joined the airballoons….flat planets….dangerous as you can fall of these planets…then we got stuck on something like horns.

[after the adventure Alfred got a new power which was to multiply suddenly when something beatiful or exciting was happening)

Maja picked me up from the train station. I drove her van, but got distracted by street-lights in the shape of a tree shedding leaves. So I crashed her van into a thick green fence. There was no damage to the fence, but the car was already starting to become consumed by it. From the place of impact, strange metallo-botanic growth started spreading across the side of the car. Maja dragged me away from the site of the accident, telling me a strange story about the machine eating plants that have infested her city. She said there was her car was beyond help and that we had to walk the rest of the way.

We crossed the river walking on the bridge that looked like a flowing river itself. I got quite dizzy to be honest.

Then, we got to her house..(a very dark house, which made me happy as I could keep my powers)

I arrived carrying a camera. She offered me a glass of water, in funny shaped glasses (designed by Maria Blaisse she said) and I felt my body go all wobbly and liquid ..I held the glass and saw that the water could have many shapes, so I decided that I wouldnt be an ugly bag of mostly water, but an interesting container of mostly water, I can now hold liquids and give them form and people can see through me if I want them too.

She asked me if I was hungry, so I touched her plate and I became one with it, It showed her exactly how hungry I was!

Then she gave me a strange ball to eat. I bit into it and it dissolved into liquid under pressure! I thought..not only can I hold liquids, but i can share them as well, by wrapping myself around them while having a bath! Its a weopon too! If you squeeze me too much, I squirt hot liquids!!!

Next thing she fed me was tasted like pink flowers! It was light and bubbly and almost non-existant ..pure flavour in a shape of foam!

Then I thought - If I can shape liquids, I can shape air too! I can inflate things and make myself lighter than air …so we went to a park and I picked a flower, and made a balloon out of it. After flying around a bit, I came down and sat in a transparent such a buble the crow cant see me!

After that we went and explored different shelters…while doing that we noticed that time has slowed down and everyone around us looked immobile so I thought..I needed to take on the power of slowly grow, generate my own power and become less parasitic.

[photos with further captions follow..refer to Maja's photos and notes!!]

Extra powers gained?

  • can hold liquids and shape liquids
  • can transfer communication into forms (objects, spaces)
  • can shape air and fly
  • knowledge of shelters
  • can be translucent
  • can be shaped by the wind
  • can become shelter himself
  • can interface between species (human and mosquitos), (Humans and plants)
  • can become his environment..

We went to visit the Saint Martins Cathedral around the corner. That was fun. In front of this catherdra was a cathedral. They copied a man called Saint Martin. People sit in front of this object, after a while they stand up, walk up to the sculpture, touch with 2 fingers its top and then kiss with these finger their own lips and walk out of the cathedral. I make a big sneeze and in that instance I replaced the statue in myself. and still standing next to my host. People touched my toes as well which left some trace of solid substance and when it touched their lips it became liquid copy material. People unconsciously start licking their lips. Its the juice of reconstructed once live. In a glimpse of my eyes I saw one person leaving the cathedral twisting his left hand a bit more awkward….

After this we went for an host recommended to me the chocolate taste. Oui! I wanted it and of course I got it, but the taste was strawberry, so I mumbled something like mmmmmm its taste like stawberry, my host said no, come on and tasted mine…its fully on chocolate! If felt stupid, it was my rose tinted glasses which see everything rose. Even it influences my taste. I feel frustrated but make sure my host wont notice any of this. To calm my mind i sneezed and in that split second I went to the butcher opposite and sucked on the bood sausage on the shelves, so it shrank just a bit and showed some cracks, change the name for today “ extra dry blood sausage” and sucked on the butchers forehead to get soem of that delicious sticky substance coming from his perfect pores. It left just a little frown in his forehead.

Ahh I felt reborn!

So my host took me for a little boat ride through the canals, ooh that was nice, I focused on the ripples of the water and then placed them in the mind of my host, ooech, I saw him starting to float nicely just above the water. I played the game: became the wood, felt the pulsing of the water pushing against me and then I became the water making swirling dives when hitting the wood, and then I found the space between the water and the wood. I laid myself in between that space and it sort of pulsated me in side out in a highlighty organge blue light. Fantastic. I wanted to share it with my host and put it in his mind as well…a smile appeared on his face.

It was a great day.

[extra powers that were added after this trip included putting nice fragments in people's heads, make invisible actions within one sneeze]

began by trying to localise in space, didnt work so well..learnt“ human monotone” took to the air and wove structures for my host ..well intentioned, but a bit naive Started to relax a bit, making music, conversing in whispers, buzzes and squeaks after initial human monotones. time is awkward, too quick or suspiciously slow, swarms if we live and die many times over during each conversation/ after composition. followed some migrating patterns and found ways to stretch between islands, water flowing beneath us, finding ways to compose with people soaked up from each island. repeatable..creating islands in densly populated regions, spreading and recomposing…caught upon the sands and dispersed for awhile…(caused my host a few minutes of panic…) ..roof tops….

When I arrived on the train Theun was there to welcome me. A small group of nervous and depressed passengers were still clinging on to my comforting arms as some of my arms signalled for a cab. Somewhere on my left side I was pickpoketing somebody, fortunately the police saw me as a wise old man and we escaped after getting the majority of my arms in the car.

the next day we went to the beach where my arms could swim and my mirrors could help get tans in unlikely places. Part of me was now made of sea-shells that sound nicely when the wind goes through. Then I discovered a group od fish and they fed on all my arms. Molusks started to grow on me and the sea water floated through my branched body. I started to collect drift wood and garbage and formed it into a plateau that I held above the water. Soon this sea world could depend on its own and I came back to shore. But Theun mistook “ us” for someone else.

I followed him back home through loops of trees….[there follows drawings of summer jobs of us/them: picking apples, modelling complex systems at the university, knitting thousands of socks for old people, helping with counting birds,cleaning up oil spills, holding up a church during an earth quake, picking up sand particles from an archeology site, sopporting bees on cold days, helping deaf cyclists with my mirrors, collecting plants, removing pests, carrying stones and vegetable chopping at the sanctuary…and everywhere I get into trouble because parts of me are messing things up.

[Maggie and Vulgaris eat porridge, check email, walk on street, go on metro, go to market, to a park then journey into the earth]

Registering warmth, moving, bubbling, tasting thick spongy glueness, form processing this then making it into cold, hard joining objects. Feeling warmth from beingness as sit and stretch. Shimmering blueness as being changes and moves through colours and patterns. Deciphering and registering emissions from the blue. We move into bright warmth and all round movement of wet and cold. Beings everywhere on periphery. Beings coming closer and everywhere. Tasting and sniffing souls..and now even more dense mass churning within walls still moving. Feeling shapes, colours, hot, ice, round, nothing, sharp, deep, bubbly. All focused on containment. Movement changes beings streaming. Polarities, fast and slow, patterns all. Tweaking, stroking, teasing, pushing, clearing, always working they come into me and out again. Smell rotteness and peace, crunchy salty and weet air all of them yearning, desiring. Perpherating boundries and agitating core of beings surrounding under the great warmth above. chewing and spitting, licking and catapulting, greating crunching beingness. PUlsing with action always moving. Being calls…moving again.

Wideness, stillness, green, textures, moving into tiny shaping them great warmth gone. Here is cool slowness. Burrow into must and travel underground with being towards core protecting and holding as burrow into and beyond..thicker and thicker textures changing colder and colder…then quietness. Pulling in beings, sucking in souls digesting,seeing then spitting. one/none. One/none. one/none. Being moves, we move, I move. I. We. Spitting. Changing. Accepting. Rejecting. No more moving. Just Being.

new powerS? after story of protecting other beings, and has a greater awareness of self and others.]

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