Aniziz was the online multiplayer game module of Borrowed Scenery, deriving from Germination X. It interfaced with information collected through the Zizim app and website to combine and entangle an online game world with cartographic features of the city. Players could “invoke a patabotanist,” inhabit their avatars and proceed to spread and grow fungi that would strengthen connections between the game world and the representations of physical plants mapped through Zizim. The stronger the connections between the two worlds, the more messages would pass between the online gamers and urban foragers. The game encouraged interpretation over direct communication, and its overall role in Borrowed Scenery was to further intermingle characters and places from multiple realities.

Including my favorite glitch/accidental art work for some time - caused by switching the blend mode to xor in order to visualise what bounding boxes are getting redrawn –davegriffiths


Currenltly spreading fungi to different parts of the world is not possible (without doing it the very very slow way). It should be possible for them to be spread by growing them near wormholes, or perhaps carrying them, any other ideas?? –davegriffiths


A wormhole, placed on the seashore on the Cornish coast

You can use the zizim map to find your way around, but it would be great to have a compass which could be configured to point towards the nearest plant, player or wormhole… This would make exploring a little less problematic. –davegriffiths

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