Part of the Field Guide to Flying Saints.

born: Ovada, jan 3, 1694

died: Rome, oct 18, 1775

Missionary, director of souls and founder of the Passionists, in 1720 he had 'the Great Vision' of God. He experienced 12 years of 'extraordinary visions and graces', mingled with trails, followed by 45 years of 'desolation and intense suffering', and his last years were dominated by 'astonishing mystical phenomena, consolations and extraordinary favors'.

Preacher of such power that hardened soldiers and bandits were seen to weep. He slept on the ground and fasted.


Wingspan: 1,69m

Weight (approx): 70kg

Range and distribution: Italy

Color: black tunic and white hair

Special features: burning hart and cross


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