Published in 2004 as a small booklet, we are proud to present a collection of 22 Flying Saints from the European Roman Catholic tradition. My general Introduction to Flying Saints contains some speculations on how this kind of levitation might work.Theun Karelse - 26 Dec 2006


Much like a field guide to birds this guide features illustrations of the saints in full flight and detailed descriptions to aid visual recognition in the field.

For more information on;

Occult levitation:

  • Daniel Douglas Home,
  • Nana Owaka,
  • Eusapia Palladino,
  • Carlos Mirabelli,
  • Subbayah Pullavar,

Tibetan levitation:

Egyptian levitation:

Sound experiments and levitation:

Biological levitation:


God module:


  • Gallileo Gallilei, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein.


Recipes for Flying Ointments:

Flying Ointments

Religion and Sexuality:

Field guides of birds:

Christian origin of Foam Names .

Temporal Epilepsy:

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