A project by Paul Granjon and Michka Melo


Design: Paul Granjon


Robotic artist Paul Granjon and bio-engineer Michka Melo are exploring the usability of microbial fuel cells for powering small robotic, sensing, interactive systems. Microbial fuel cells work by harnessing the electron-releasing capability of certain types of bacteria widely found in soil and mud. Paul and Michka have started working together on Microbial Fuel Cells in 2016.

They will use sediment mud from Barry Island, Wales, to power a pair of small twitchy robots.

The mud is rich in Shewanella bacteria.

The original idea was to work on a pair of sloth-inspired minibots. We now think of a mud-powered simple cybernetic life-ish system… Watch this space.

Detailed documentation


With support from FabCre8 @ Cardiff School of Art and Design

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