Log for changes to the Project Lyta pages

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2004 DEC / 2005 JAN added material research notes for the membrane on Project Lyta Materials Research , updated the Project Lyta Design Research and cleaned up the other pages for reporting to Phaeno - Maja Kuzmanovic

2004 AUG 31 added notes reading the installation from July meeting - Yon Visell

2004 JUL 23 added documentation of force-feedback prototype - Yon Visell

2004 JAN 20 added design guide and more material research - Maja Kuzmanovic

2003 OCT 31 New concept models. New text on design research page. New images under Phaeno. Other minor changes.

2003 SEP 29 Filled in the placeholders. Added concept models.

2003 SEP 27 Gross reorganization of project pages. Added new material. Most of the old stuff moved to ProjectLytaMaterialsResearch - Yon Visell

2003 SEP 07 I moved some of the sensor + actuator stuff into new topics, and did a bit of editing on the main page. nothing substantial, but it was starting to feel unwieldy. The out-of-band communication comment page (you are here) may or may not help - nik gaffney

(add new things to the top of the page..)

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