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Project Title


  • introduction
  • brief summary of the cultural/scientific/social/… context within which the research took place
  • brief summary of the cultural/scientific/social/economic context within which the research is applicable
  • description of how the work relates to other works in the field of inquiry


  • concise summary of the problem domain/s that the research explores, or the specific aims of the research undertaken.
  • justification of the aims (scientific/artistic/historical/etc…)
  • expected outcomes of the research
  • if the actual outcomes are different than the expected outcome, the reasons for this should be explained in the “discussion” section


  • concise description of the way the research will be (has been) developed from establishing the problem definition to the final results
  • justification of the methodology


  • concise description of the actual outcomes of the research


  • comparison of the expected and the achieved results
  • suggestions and comments on the research process and its results
  • description and suggestions around the collaboration process (if applicable)
  • suggestions for the future work based on the conclusions of the research
  • comments on the response of the public (if applicable)


  • literature used in the research (books, magazines, journals, URLs…)
  • media used in the research (film, audiovisual media, photographs…)
  • visual/sonic/tactile material generated in the research to be archived at FoAM
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