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FOundation of Aperiodic Mesmerism

affordable mysticism1), from the public entrance , or the encyclopaedic Foam (organization)

currently active/annotated projects

source code, documentation and notes from several projects are accesable using darcs (a VersionControl system). viewable here → and 'darcs get' -able here →

we encourage the use of Free Media Tools for the realisation of our projects, and use Copyleft compatible licening terms in the interest of maintaining a healthy Public Domain.


see also the publications at


tangents, notes and chaordic attractors

  • sutChwon - notes on remote + entangled collaborative methods
  • InterMedia - notes on intertwingled media synthesis



Foamlab Holland

FoamLab _the Dutch branch of FoAM (not to be mistaken for FOAM the fotomuseum)

meta- layer

Vrijgesteld van Belgische BTW volgens artikel 44 / Exempt from Belgian VAT under article 44 / en français?

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