• p4 2.4ghz, 800mhz fsb
  • 2x 512mb ddr 333 ram
  • 120gb ibm u-100 ide hd
  • nec dvd+/-r
hardware numbers drivers / etc+
chipsets Intel 865G / ICH5
VGA Intel Extreme Graphic 2 i810(X11)
Audio Realtek ALC650 (six channel) alsa / intel8x0 (?)
Ethernet Realtek 8100B
firewire (1394) VIA VT6307 ?

to get Debian / GNU Linux working .. . (see also: Debian on Shuttle)


  • set something in bios to enable usb keyboard.
  • install debian
  • config + opulate


dvd burning

cdrecord / gcombust / k3b (seems to work)




  • current kernel: 2.6.6-1 (from unstable)
  • options reqd.
noppix@ttyp0[knoppix]$ su
root@ttyp0[knoppix]# mount /dev/hda3
root@ttyp0[knoppix]# mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/hda3/boot
root@ttyp0[knoppix]# mount -t proc /dev/proc /mnt/hda3/proc
root@ttyp0[knoppix]# chroot /mnt/hda3/

grub gave some errors about not finding a 'corresponding BIOS' thing.. edit the DIR/boot/boot/grub/device.map file to include the relevant drive (eg: (hd0) /dev/hda

# grub-install
# update-grub
  • 2004.08.07
    • burning dvds will crash the box,. this calls for a new kernel!
    • removed scsi/emulation support (hopefully) completly ,.
    • no preempt
  • 2004.08.03
    • changed to a 2.6.6 kernel, with usb support
    • i810 in x11, with kernel options for dri (hint [*] not [M]) see kernel config [here]
  • 2003.11.11
    • i've switched back to a 2.4 kernel to get the intel video card driver working
    • this has killed the /dev/input/mice device. so x is looking at /dev/psaux for now. this means usb mice don't work.
    • the intel x driver (i810) (look in /root/dripkg) is loading now, but we still don't get acceleration. yay?
  • 2004.06.16
    • new kernel (2.6.6). ..
    • get usb to behave with modprobe uhci-hcd or modprobe ehci-hcd for USB-2

other: Debian on Shuttle, Debian Notes

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