28th June 2016 @ FoAM Bxl

Core questions: What activities would we like to support and develop together?

Flow: Check-in, Lunch, Activity Mapping, Monastery presentation
→ The day ended with a presentation and discussion with Karen Lens on adaptive reuse of monasteries in Flanders, and our potential involvement in the research and experiments.

Framing: As a hosting “community of practice”, our primary purpose is to learn from each other and support our individual and collective hosting activities - through discussion, advice, testing, co-hosting and co-creation. We begin with a mapping exercise, to get an overview of existing and potential activities/practices that each of us would like to contribute to the group. We can possibly use this map to come up with a set of criteria for inclusion of activities.

A summary of previous discussions about what the hosting community could be like and what might be its activities:

Mapping community practices

See full size image on flickr

See also activities, as discussed in previous gatherings.

Enabling participatory processes
  • Process facilitation of participatory, multistakeholder, systemic transition/transformation workshops and programmes (stewards: Maja, Luea, Kathleen)
    • This includes developing a Toolbox of hosting approaches, techniques and methods, such as multistakeholder organisational development, constellations (systemic witnessing), futurecrafting, the lab approach, regenerative approach, etc. As an example of such a toolbox, specifically for futuring workshops, see the Futurist Fieldguide
  • Meaningful meals, hosting conversations as the symposia of old: dinner parties, multi-course lunches, standing receptions, cooking classes, food rituals, etc.
Art & Care
  • Living with dis-ease, a thematic programme designed to inspire and enable the participants to creatively live with an illness or dis-ease (steward: Maja)
  • Maja Rituals, rituals for unacknowledged loss, especially for women in transition (steward: Barbara)
  • Stereotypes, long term collaboration with people with autism (steward: Rasa)
Training, Coaching & Mentoring
  • Hosting craft, an entry-level training course in hosting as a craft/practice (steward: Maja)
  • Apprenticeships, learning by supporting (master-apprentice) (steward: Ingrid)
  • Artistic Coaching, individual coaching sessions for creative professionals (steward: Rasa)
  • Soul Whispering, a creative programme to discover your true core… (steward: Eva DG, Eva P)
Artful experiences
  • Viriditas Choir (steward: Stevie)
  • Earth Science Celebration, an audiovisual work celebrating the scientific discovery of muscled fossils (steward: Stevie)
  • Spells, aspirations and invocations for daily life (steward: Ingrid)
  • Portraits pairing portraits of people with plants (steward: Rasa)
Contemplation and presence
  • Guided meditations, meditative and contemplative experiences for individuals and groups (steward: Maja)
  • Retreats, deep consciousness, contemplation, (re)wilding, vision quests (steward: Eva DG, Eva P)
  • Georelation, becoming aware of the effects the working environment has on our senses and improving our relationship with it (steward: Luea)
  • Garden stories, connecting plant myths to contemplation, creative activities, sensory walks etc. (steward: Rasa, Eva P)
  • Gathering walks, connecting the practice of walking to an exchange of hunting/gathering knowledge and the aesthetics of the experience (steward: Ingrid)
  • Wilding, silent walks in nature, incl. excursions to energetic sites, walking and storytelling, barefoot walking, tree climbing, wild swimming (steward: Eva P.)
  • (Life)writing a support group of (life)writers, readers and editors to share writing skills and experiences (steward: Maja, Eva DG, Eva P)
  • Nomad's land, travelogue of a nomad tribe (steward: Lies)
  • Transiency book, a travel guide for personal and systemic transitions (steward: Luea)
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