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borrowed scenery specific wiki gardening

some pointers and diversions to wiki gardening around borrowed scenery ARN


  • aniziz will be edited and archived by dave, alkan to do some pruning and gardening afterwards
  • zizim nik has all screenshots that need resizing, alkan volunteered to write a first pass, nik to edit
  • garginz is shaping up, but needs some more of alkan's gardening - continuous activity in may
  • dilzio is pretty much done, alkan can keep pruning if opportunity arises…
  • spauiz there are still 29 missions to fill (maja, nik, alkan, rasa, dave), alkan will keep gardening them in may
  • make sure everything is linked from the borrowed_scenery_ARN page and work on stronger entangling of missions with PARN - and other relevant libarynth pages

  • needs page reshuffling (see nik's email to jiejing), new text and links on
    • change frame around patabotanists to theun's gilded frame,
    • change sentence “(…) is contacting plants in your neighbourhood” to “(…) is confabulating your mission”
    • is the text describing patabotanists sufficiently readable?
    • do we need an about or help page to explain what the patabotanical dispatch device is doing and who the patabotanists are?

printed matter

  • theun to finish character drawings on card-size
  • alkan to shorten and 'oracle-ise' character descriptions and put them in the cards layout
  • maja to order moo cards before the 30th
  • nik to liaise with the printer about bookmarks and if needed prepare the files for printing; invoice to be generated before the 30th.
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