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NonGreenGardening results and anecdotes

In 2011 we made an open call for finding interesting concepts for our Augmented Urban Garden. It was Natalia Borissova's Non-Green-Gardening project which was the most appealing one. Within the last months she was regularly onsite - developing and improving her concept of a Non-Green Garden at the Time's Up Labs. Together with Natalia and Dismas Leonard we are still maintaining a hybrid - green / nongreen-garden. Pros- and Cons of such a project in urban areas will be discussed during this event between 2 and 5 PM

Non Green Gardening - Progress

Non Green Gardening - Progress

There will be a presentation of the Augmented Urban garden and its background of the Resilients project, some anecdotes regarding our battles with slugs and other less welcome guests in our garden. We will be serving some delicious dishes from the last harvest of our garden fruit and then send the beds off to their winter dormancy.


NonGreenGardening progress

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