On these pages you can find the reflections and working notes of the Resilients, people who imagine possible futures and prototype them as artistic experiments in living and working environments. We transform the concept of resilience into concrete practice by designing experimental social structures and situations and stress-testing them in real-life labs – our case studies in possible futures.

Control of the Commons explores the culture of water use by travelling on vessels constructed from recycled and locally sourced materials. Augmented Urban Gardens are experimental grounds for cultivation of plants (and their ecosystems), on a fertile bed of arts and technology.The Pollinators re-imagine pilgrimage as an itinerant artistic laboratory, connecting people and places they travel through. Unmanned Resilience develops and deploys tactical technology (such as unmanned aerial vehicles and land and weather monitoring systems) in techno-artistic survival camps and foraging expeditions. Edible Crafts examines resilience of material ecosystems of a dinner table, focusing on two ingredients: aronia and linen. Finally, the Future Preparedness case study combines futures studies, improvisation and meditation to prototype a range of possible futures and experience them as real, physical situations.

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