2013-04-25 15:18:25 by Robert Brečević

After the tribe trip Pollinators Performing Pictures had an in situ residency in Rab, Croatia, the arrival point of the bike journey. The residency was organised there to process the vast material collected during the trip. Performing Picture worked on photo material, and mapping the chapels on the straight line the journeyers followed.

The end of the Pollinators journey with the public event in Rab where the participants shared their experiences of the trip and showed the rough material coming from the mobile process, was also the beginning of the Family of Creatives residency by Performing Pictures. Not only Geska and Robert Brecevic, but also Cesar Brecevic, the 13 year old son of Robert who had biked along the whole line were part of this residency. As part of the residency, further chapels were designed and placed on the island. The material was used for a artist photo-book essay (1 copy) and for the online map project by artist Pacome Beru, and the exhibition UnTied Notions. (Please note that this exhibition also encompassed works from another EU-project, the EITC 2011-7480. No costs for the exhibition has been charged to the Resilients project).

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