Imagine 01 Continuum, in which the worlds have been constituted of semi permeable membranes, and have flown through each other continuously, infinitely. The continuum found its worlds undergoing an unfortunate, but necessary circumstance: a reality cataclysm that has disrupted the flowing of the worlds, has fragmented sub/physical, temporal, transcendental and magical phenomena and has discontinued the real beyond the slight hope for spontaneous reformation.

01 continuum itself was discontinued on an island, that once thrived in a membrane between two oceans. During the cataclysm, the membrane ruptured, leaving the island suspended in a vacuum, as the oceans leaked into another, flooded world. The real on this island fractured into an n number of incomplete realities, whose magic can not be actualised without the full restoration of the 01 continuum. Occasionally, on particular nights when the full moon shines, a phase shift occurs and the suspended island realignes with the consensus reality of another lost part of the continuum, This is the time when changes in the fortune of the Continuum can be made…

On the suspended island, the real clearly ruptured into two worlds, with a thin strip of a fluctuating and unstable Sideways Reality called Game Play. In this reality, the two separated worlds can sporadically copulate with each other, spawning solutions for a permanent re-unification through an adventurous, exploratory play.

The immediately apparent of the two worlds is the playSpace, the physical constituent of the real, that soaked up all the wild, unclean, bizarre and carnavalesque properties of the continuum. It's a world in which humidity carries saturated smells of overgrown ruins, where the wood-rot mixes with the smell of burgundy and pink flowers, and then with the smell of sweat and honey scented spirits. A world thriving on chaos and laughter, shaken through in a cocktail of pain and delight.

The other component of the island's real are the infinite worlds of the gameSpace. These worlds float through the simmering virtual realms, frozen in space and time. The worlds themselves are breathing magic and defying all physical laws of the 01 continuum. Their membranes became ethereal, translucent, allowing effortless passages through crystalline dimensions, where myths become initiated, oracles sprout from sterilized valves, light becomes nourishment and domicile to entities travelling as energy waves… It's a world of stunning beauty, but it's deserted and ghostly confined in its endlessness.

The n number of entities within the Continuum has been redefined by the transformations of their environment, identity and reality that the cataclysm brought about. The future of the 01 continuum depends on the impact of these entities on each other, the worlds, and the portals between the worlds - as some of the entities work towards re-integration of the real, while others wish for a total rupture to occur and others again prosper in infinite suspension….

The Deities, entities who used to exist betwixt realities, have lost most of their powers in the rupture of the membranes. They are slowly diminishing, shrinking, solidifying and decaying in silence. Although they might have the wisdom to restore the 01 continuum, their powers are so weakened that they can only quietly witness the fragmentation of their realms, hoping for miracles. Plot Characters Deities

On the opposite range of the acclimatization chain from the Deities are the Guides, entities perfectly adapted to the changed conditions. They are storytellers, telling the tales of the worlds, steering the travellers and players towards their own newly adapted beliefs. They are healing the memories, reconciling the frustrations, or simply trying to weave new histories into the continuum. Plot Characters Guides

Entities whose identities got mostly scattered throughout different worlds are the Inverts. Displaced, fragmented, confused and lost, these entities need each other's assistance to survive and are actively involving everyone around them in their hopeless quest for id/entity recollection. Most of them roam the worlds, performing disconnected actions that to the others appear unfinished, schizophrenic or sadly bizarre. Plot Characters Inverts

Tricksters are the entities benefiting from the split of the worlds, and their goal is to cause a final rupture of the realities. They mislead the players and inverts by distracting and tempting them into mischievous actions that the players might not even be aware of. Some of them ravage in hordes, others silently undermine the continuum re-unification attempts through solitary spells. Plot Characters Tricksters

The Familiars have the goals that are contrary to the Tricksters: they are the entities working towards reconnecting the 01 continuum by facilitating and incrementing the passages through the realities, They create and build instances where the worlds can be temporarily or spatially reintegrated. They are the ones who assist and aid the Inverts and feed the Deities to prevent their disappearance. Plot Characters Familiars

Players are the human or animal entities that have travelled to the suspended island during a phase shift in realities. They are passers by that will inevitably have to return to their own reality when the phase shifts again. Unless… Plot Characters Players

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