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The Familiars have the goals that are contrary to the Tricksters: they are the entities working towards reconnecting the 01 continuum by facilitating and incrementing the passages through the realities, They create and build instances where the worlds can be temporarily or spatially reintegrated. They are the ones who assist and aid the Inverts and feed the Deities to prevent their disappearance.

Random Oracle was a world renown fortune teller before the storms. Entities used to travel immense distances to consult the Oracle, before engaging in an important task. However, the Oracle found himself in the eye of the storm, in which the mental winds twisted his mind and randomised the fortunes. Furthermore, when the storms lessened, he was terrified to find out that the fortunes he told not only didn't correspond with the persons he was consulting, but sometimes, thinking that he was predicting the future, he would tell the persons' stories from the past, or in fact, the present. Before anyone else, he discovered that the Time Continuum was disrupted, which made it impossible for him to find back the algorithm that would allow him to make new patterns out of the noise of fortunes in his mind. He searches for Time and attempts to organise his life, and subsequently - the life of his 'clients'. Being a familiar, the Random Oracle works towards reconstructing order out of chaos, by finding associative patterns in the fortunes, the events and the realities around him.


DIY Giant is an ancient entity, one of the giants who formed the landscape by walking on the soft world, before it solidified into hills, valleys, islands and seas. He survived the first World Shrink, when most of the Giants shrunk into puny beardy entities and the Earth Worms became the rulers of the Old World. He also survived the reality cataclysm and as a person with a colossal experience, he decided to help everyone in need, understanding the distress that all entities were going through. However, since the world shrunk, he was too bulky to perform any subtle task. He is very amiable, very considerate, but awkwardly clumsy. The Light Seeker, Captain and his Shipmate and the Delightmaker are most in need of his help. Through time, he became a living proof of the once mighty powerful God the Mechanic, who heretofore would have the ability to fix the 2 worlds back together and breathe the lascivious empathy into the inanimate machinic components, seamlessly reassembling the real into one, pleasurably undulating landscape. Yet, most of the time, the seams tear, the lights burst and the ship's engine explodes, under his gentle but too heavy hands…


Fancy Bottler lived in between the realities, together with the Scattered Shapershiftster, when she used to be the Reality Compressor. Her role in life was to populate realities with fantasies, extending the gameSpace in imaginary realms of dreams and visions. During the cataclysm she slipped through a sliced In-Between and bumped down onto the wet mud of the playSpace. Ever since she bottles the dreams, the illusions, the wishes and the imaginaries of the playSpace dwellers, seeking the portals of fancy in the gameSpace, and pouring the bottles' contents into the immaterial places to be.


Cat-Shaped Familiars were the White witches in the old world, but similar to the Cat-Shaped Strige, they got trapped in the feline form after the storms quieted down - albeit becoming proud owners of precious white and silver furs, while the Strige were wrapped in feeble black and gray stubbles. Their new role became the one of the Comforters, of the silent protectors for the playSpace inhabitants The give affection, particularly needed by the Inverts, in order to find the peace with their new, scattered selves. Once the inhabitants drift into the dream-realms, the Cat Shaped Familiars form hordes of white magicians and extract substances from the dreams, distill them into matter to use as bio-weapons against the Cat Shaped Strige. The battle still continues…


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