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The Deities, entities who used to exist betwixt realities, have lost most of their powers in the rupture of the membranes. They are slowly diminishing, shrinking, solidifying and decaying in silence. Although they might have the wisdom to restore the 01 continuum, their powers are so weakened that they can only quietly witness the fragmentation of their realms, hoping for miracles.

The 01 Continuum is the all-encompassing, unifying and transforming force. It radiates a calmly reassuring coherence of a Continuum in which everything can morph into a seamless mass of foggy weirdness. During the reality cataclysm, while trying to patch up reality coherence, the Continuum gets distracted by the Tangentoid Oscillator, who keeps interjecting new contexts to glue into the Continuum, until it becomes increasingly disjointed, causing the different aspects of its being (realities, times, spaces, identities) to drift further apart. After the cataclysm the Continuum calmly, but madly connects everything to everything else, smoothing the connections, so that they blend with the uniform Continuum matter. Its main goal is to reestablish itself as a growing, morphing Continuum. It shrinks. It fades. It looses colour. and becomes increasingly translucent. It's an entity that, although it keeps up an appearance of perpetuity, it has a great difficulty remaining focused. It is frenzied not only by the master distractor, the Tangentoid Oscillator, but also by any other entity in its vicinity. In its confusion, this deity might become its own worst enemy.


Time is an ancient deity responsible for a smooth passage through wormholes and temporal continuity. During the cataclysm, she lost her mobility and remained suspended, frozen in the whirlwind of possible worlds. The Cat-shaped Strige cast a spell on her in the moment of her confusion, causing her to remain trapped in the same position, immobile, unable to free herself or the other entities of the 01 Continuum from the infinite suspension. In the mean time, the Cat-shaped Tricksters are devouring her being, upon which the physical world grows in tangled knots of roots and rocks. Considered an inanimate object, the Time Goddess spends her immortal life in mere survival, wishing to reestablish her own realm, the Time Continuum. Continuously eaten by the Cat-shaped Strige she contemplates ways of reminding the 01 Continuum of her existence, knowing that its thought might free her from her misery.



The Unplugged Rechargeable Fairy is one of the ancient fairy god/esse/s, an entity that gives power to anyone crossing his/her path. S/he lost his/her energy during the cataclysm and is slowly fading away, disconnected from his/her energy source located in the far Light World, in the abstractions of the virtual. S/he craves for energy to provide power for the game-entities to surpass the evil Detour Generator. Although completely cut off from his/her realm, the Fairy can be charged by particular movement of electrons in the playSpace. His/her days and nights are passing in bursts - once recharged, the fairy rushes to donate power to as many entities as possible, but very soon, s/he feels the slowing down, the running low of power, desperately seeking the portals into the virtual, where his/her energy sources still faintly shimmer. His/her ideal is to re-plug itself to a continuous energy source, so that s/he would once again invariably radiate force from his/her luminescent home betwixt realities. Meanwhile, knowing that this goal is most unlikely to be reached, s/he casts translucent, energising spells, dressed in conductive filaments and live wires. S/he begs entities to lead him/her to the known energy sources, to the leaks from the virtual, where s/he can suck enough power to give the players the necessary means to (temporarily) defeat the Detour Generator.


Shrunk Giants are the immortal rulers of the Giant Worlds that preceded the human realms. Unable to reach their lost treasures, as the cataclysm made them shrunk and lose the ability to fertilise and cultivate any ground they touch, they roam, hang hopelessly and lament about the decay of the worlds - wishing that they either die soon, or regain their lost powers, although they lost their motivation to exist all together long ago. Their only contact with other entities in the space occurs in their hunts on players who could possibly become their slaves, they intoxicate them, load them up with useless old tools, forcing them to fill up the city treasures from which the Giants could possibly make the city grow again, reconnecting it to the once fertile fields on the other side of the oceans, where the Giants once prospered. Their worst enemy, or best friend, depending on their changing motivation, is the Reality Waster, with his mob of hypnotised slaves, that are depleting city treasures in order to make the physical diminish into nothingness, taking the Giants' bodies with it. Shrunk Giant


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