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Tricksters are the entities benefiting from the split of the worlds, and their goal is to cause a final rupture of the realities. They mislead the players and inverts by distracting and tempting them into mischievous actions that the players might not even be aware of. Some of them ravage in hordes, others silently undermine the continuum re-unification attempts through solitary spells.

Tangentoid Oscillator , also known as the German Ruptourist is a trickster, without actually realising how much impact it has on the twisted worldly events. Its over-productive mind and snappy tongue became poisons, stored in an insectoid exoskeleton, towering over the Continuum as its worst nightmare. During the cataclysm, while the 01 Continuum was trying to perform an emergency patching-up action to sew the realities back together, the Tangentoid Oscillator kept distracting it, what eventually caused the catastrophic rupture of the reality membrane. The Oscillator injected too many new contexts, tangents and possible futures for the Continuum to be able to smoothly morph them together into a coherent permanence. Oscillator senselessly tears the playSpace and the gameSpace apart, by undoing the Continuum's work by continuously distracting it, firing off tangents in a 50 dimensions per minute. As the Continuum's forces fade, the Tangentoid Oscillator becomes stronger and faster in inventing new and fascinating topics for the Continuum to make real, not allowing it enough time to recuperate from the cataclysm. The stories with which the guides weave the events together provide new contexts to be surfed, to be randomised and fragmented. Continuum's unifying force can not be retrieved, unless he is freed from the gripping claws of the Tangentoid Oscillator.


Unruly Temptress is appalled by rules. The rupture of the worlds has split her once balanced character into a wild, carnevalesque creature, haunted by her frigid, rule-bound alter ego, the Icy Heart-Gorge. The Unruly Temptress is driven by her passion, but plagued by her chilly, controlling sister-self. In her quest to free herself completely from the grip of the Heart-Gorge, the Temptress lures the players further into the wild, flesh-boiling universe, widening the gap between the pure gameSpace and the unclean playSpace, knowing that her alter-ego can not dwell in filth. She eroticises everything she touches - seducing, celebrating, dancing and drinking, thereby obliterating the virtual from the minds of her victims and substantiating the dominance of the physical. The Icy Heart-Gorge on the other hand, has the opposite goal as a priority on her agenda: embracing the endless realness of the gameSpace, she would gladly clean up the mess of the physical, devouring the passion from the hearts of her companions. In her bloodthirsty urges, she climbs into the voluptuous, humid body of the Temptress, steels her consciousness and sways through the sleeping playSpace, shredding the hearts and sexual organs of the entities through her crab-legs shaped teeth.



Reality Waster lived as a game Master in the gameSpace when the cataclysm ripped his conscience and pasted it into the lifeless shell of a previously mortal being in the playSpace. Ever since, the Reality Waster has been engaged in hopeless attempts to erase the playSpace, hoping that this would prevent the reunion of the two worlds and guarantee the establishment of the absolute reign of the gameSpace, with him as its Overlord. He plunders and pillages all city's resources, enslaving stray travellers and forcing them to waste and sterilise the physical, revealing its virtual foundations. The travellers become the hunters and gatherers of everything intangible in the playSpace, copying and pasting it everywhere they go, making entities and events disappear behind a veil of recursive imaginary landscapes. The Reality Waster forces the players into a hypnotised state, by rubbing sterilising alcohol onto their nostrils, bringing them to a particularly wide portal, where an immaterial bot-guide awaits, a robotic trace of the original game Master, a subliminal propaganda machine, preaching the erasure of the physical and the spilling of the virtual until it actualises into an endless, distilled real.


Detour Generator is the Devil in disguise. This entity has a strong interest in destabilising the situation further, until the Reign of Chaos swallows all that's real. He can be seen as a strong, dark man, sometimes as a goat, sometimes as a horse or a dog. When he is in a good mood, he randomly confuses people and destabilises their mental map of the Coninuum. When angry, or frustrated, by continually shuffling with detour signage, he blocks entities that move in particular directions - towards the portals between the worlds, or towards the luminescent pathways, or towards energy sources, needed to reestablish the connection between the worlds. He seeds darkness, builds fences between the luminescent fairy realms, reverse engineers the light forming processes and undoes the work of the Light Seeker and her patron, the Unplugged Rechargable Fairy.


Cat-shaped Strige are wild carneval throwers. Active in the old world as witches, with back placenta sewn into their armpits, they very much benefit from the split-real situation. During the cataclysm, they found Time in the whirlwind of events and managed to cast a spell on her, so that the real can never go back, or forward, which will allow them to engage in an incessant philistine sabbath. During their wild parties, they greedily consume Time as a desert, in between fighting duels, violent mating rituals, ball games with the hairy Shapeshiftster and miauwing concerts.


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