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On the opposite range of the acclimatization chain from the Deities are the Guides , entities perfectly adapted to the changed conditions. They are storytellers, telling the tales of the worlds, steering the travellers and players towards their own newly adapted beliefs. They are healing the memories, reconciling the frustrations, or simply trying to weave new histories into the continuum.

Slithering Archive is an impulsive information kleptomaniac, a living library, and a data junky. This extremely tall and thin character, with long fingers and telescopic glasses became immortal during the Era of the Giants, when humans were nothing more than mere Earth Worms. The humans, unable to provide food and shelter for themselves, lived in the shadow of the Giants, finding both food and shelter in the Giants' vast loafs of bread. Shelter was carved out of dried and moldy remains, food was stolen from still steaming, freshly baked portions. What the Earth Worms didn't know was that one of the ingredients used in the dough was the immortality dust, that made the Slithering Archive live forever, frozen in the age of 27, the age when he ate the first of the Giants' crumbs. The Giants took pity on the helpless human creatures and left them to live their immortal lives, not taking too much notice of their actions. Being around for such a long time, the Slithering Archive collected a vast amount of knowledge, which he gladly shares with anyone who notices him around. At the same time, he developed quite a creepy ability to slither around the places where information is exchanged, archiving everything into his strangely small notebook. When noticed, he opens his book, connecting the information he just gathered with other stories from his opus, sucking the people around him into the mythology of the place. Wherever he appears, new myths are spun, and even what appears real, alive and irrelevant is instantly transformed into an arcane tale.


Delight Maker is a game seeder, a human portal between the two worlds, using play as a magic formula to open the seemingly sealed passages. Although she can pass freely between the worlds, she chooses to spend most of her time in the wild playSpace, or hangs upside down in the skewed gamePlay. She engages whoever she comes across in a whole variety of games, that she invents on the spot, opening new gateways between games and play, making up rules as she goes along, changing them at will, enjoying every step of her life with a contaminating pleasure. Wherever she goes, she inflates the barely visible play-balloons with laughter, transmitting delight through the air, on the surface of the water, on anything that moves from one entity to another.


Light Seeker is a fairy, a creature from the Luminescent Realm, situated at the far end of the gameSpace, where all resemblance with matter disappears and the light sources flow freely, creating the Light Worlds at their intersections. After the cataclysm, she was trapped in the recklessly figurative playSpace. Since her entrapment, she seeks couplings between the darkest, least visible parts of the physical and the radiating Light Worlds. She finds the traces of the couplings in broken, matter drenched portals and attempts to reconnect the luminous pathways by digging through the dark matter. She despises her forced physicality and resents darkness, trying to convince the players to dig up lost trails that once connected the broken portals into a marvelous shimmering matrix of blue-green light. The Nightshift Bot and the Detour Generator are her powerful opponents, the former stealing light-sources and hiding them from her (without grasping the effect of his actions) and the latter building obstacles to prevent the light tracks to muster into an invincible army against the eternal darkness.


The Lost Captain lived in Groznjan when the town was still an island surrounded by mighty waters. After the cataclysm, he lost his vessel, and the substance his ship traversed - the seas and the rivers. He curses the storms to have left him alive, while destroying his means of survival, and his purpose in life. Yet, unconsciously, he found himself becoming a guide for the travellers and players, by telling them stories about the world as it used to be, guarding the history against oblivion. However, the only times that the captain seems to remember the stories are during his utterly intoxicated states, in which reality seems to relive its own past, in his blurry, burgundy and mead coloured eyes. In periods of lucidity, when the drunkenness wears out, the captain leads his shipmate in building a vessel to transport entities between the two worlds, although not quite knowing how this new ship is supposed to function. When the desperation gets to him too much, he nags and curses, demanding drinks and drugs and women to soothe his pains…


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