At FoAM, we believe that learning doesn’t stop at the gates of established educational institutions. The joy of discovering new things and adopting new skills is shared by all ages, disciplines and cultures - so why should an official graduation ceremony put a stop to this? FoAM's workshops are designed to broaden participants’ understanding of the context in which they live and work, as well as provide them with useful transdisciplinary skills and knowledge.

When we design workshops we carefully choose the teaching methods to suit the group and the thematic. These approaches can range from intensive hands-on tutorials to different forms of participatory group learning. Whether through introductory courses or advanced masterclasses, FoAM has different ways of engaging both professionals and enthusiasts in mixed groups. An important aspect of our workshops is the emphasis on learning from one another. This approach breaks down the hierarchy between teacher and student, making everyone an expert and a novice at the same time. The workshops are usually intensive sessions that last from a day to a week. Learning at FoAM doesn’t stop at becoming technically or intellectually more proficient, but includes developing interpersonal skills as well. FoAM's workshop facilitators come from a range of different backgrounds and can work in a variety of contexts and formats, from hackathons to team building. While their backgrounds are diverse, all facilitators have 'grown up' with FoAM's hosting culture, which gives all of our workshops a unique flavour.

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